Two-stroke engines

Ultralight aircraft, also known as UL aircraft or Ultra Lights, is a light fixed-wing aircraft with a Maximum Take Off Weight typically between 450-500 kg. The most common used engines have traditionally been two-stroke engines between 40 and 65 HP, but nowadays the new built engines are with 4-stroke and between 60 and 100 hp, the preferred engines on the market. Regardless of UL aircraft type and model, your ultralight aircraft must have a minimum statutory liability insurance coverage.


Best security through the best coverage

As a concept Ultralight aircraft broadly ranging from flying trikes (motorized hang gliders) and open controlled aircraft built of aluminum tubing and fabric, to closed models of fiberglass and carbon fiber material. In recent years there has been a rapid development of ultralight aircraft categories that becomes more and more popular. The convenient flight where ordinary people, and financially can afforded, is an obvious attraction for the  ultralight aircraft market. To fly ultralight aircraft, is a considerably cheaper way of flying compared to the known GA aircraft. UL certificate cost is normally also cheaper than GA PPL certificate. Common to all ULtralight aircraft is that they are typically used for recreational purposes. At RiskPoint we assure all types of UL aircraft, including gyrocopters, paragliders, motorized paragliders and flying trikes. Whether you fly one or the other, you must have a optimal coverage to secure your investment.

In order to offer you a tailor-made coverage for your Ultralight insurance, we need to know every detail about your ultralight aircraft. Aircraft manufacturer, registration, year, number of passenger seats, etc. We must know the aircraft’s home base and which geographical area, the aircraft will be used in. Fill out the form and get a quote within 24 hours.

Best Ultralight match

As the owner of an ultralight aircraft you are responsible for any damage that the plane causes to third parties, even by accidental damage. Responsibility applies to damage to people and property outside of the plane, and injuries to passengers and items carried on the aircraft. In addition to the compulsory Liability insurance RiskPoint can offer you a comprehensive Hull insurance that covers your ultralight aircraft from nose to tail, not to mention pilot accident insurance and passenger accident insurance.

Based on your information, we put together an individual insurance coverage for your Ultralight aircraft, where we take all factors into account. If, for example you know that there will be an extended period where you will not use you’re a/c, then we can recommend that you take advantage of selecting a Ground Risk Only coverage together with your Full flight period. This will have great impact on the insurance premium. We are also look at how many hours you have flown, how many years you have flown without damage history. The goal is an exact match between you and your Ultralight insurance.

The condition for issuing a  Ultralight aircraft insurance is that your UL aircraft is registered and approved. If you switch to RiskPoint from another insurance company that provides no claims bonus, RiskPoint will provided an extraordinary intro discount on the Hull insurance premium the first year. Your Ultralight insurance covers use in Scandinavia and Europe.






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