Pilot Accident insurance

At RiskPoint we offer pilot accident insurance for private and commercial pilots alike. However, it is a condition that the pilot’s aircraft is insured by RiskPoint. Pilot accident insurance is not an independent policy. Pilot accident insurance is not tied to a specific named pilot, but covers the Pilot in command. For the best coverage we write your pilot accident insurance based on your individual needs. You can get your pilot accident insurance exactly as you like. Together we will find a suitable amount and the relevant coverage areas. The coverage on your pilot accident is always limited by the selected sum insured.

Broad coverage on pilot accident insurances

At RiskPoint you can choose whether your pilot accident insurance should cover both disability and death or only one of the parts. The following areas are included.

  • Coverage of death due to accident
  • Coverage of disability due to accident
  • Coverage of permanent injury as a result of accident
  • Coverage of medical expenses that are directly related to the accident
  • Coverage of treatment of injuries that have arisen in connection with the accident
  • Coverage of travel expenses from the accident site
  • Coverage of rehabilitation after accident
  • Coverage of disease directly caused by accident
  • Coverage of the loss of the pilot’s ability to work temporarily or permanently
  • Coverage of dental damage directly caused by the accident
  • Coverage of psychological crisis after accident

If you have individual needs that go beyond the typical coverage of pilot accident, we stand by to take an in-depth talk. Maybe it’s a different type of insurance that can fulfill your desire, where pilot accident insurance covers namely accident. The accident means a sudden, unexpected event that occurs at an identifiable time and place during the period when the policy is activated. In addition to a physical accident with the aircraft, where the pilot and passenger are injuried, an accident can be understood more broadly, such as a pilot reported missing along with his plane or a hijacking. Fill out the form with personal information and  get an offer on pilot accident insurance within a day.

Security for all aboard

If you as a private pilot often fly with your family or friends, it is a great comfort to have a pilot accident insurance with optimum coverage that includes all passengers. The same is true for small Businesses transporting key personnel and members of the management team.

The insurance covers an agreed sum for the case of death and/or disablement suffered by accident. The premium depends on the sums chosen.

The sum will be paid in case of a claim not regarding whether the pilot or the insured is liable for the claim. It is more or less like the seat insurance car owners can sign for their passengers. The insurance cover is not tied to a certain person but to that individual sitting on the seat when the accident occurs. While it sometimes takes a while until liability claims are settled PA insured can get the refunds much faster since the question of responsibility does not have to be evaluated. In some countries like Germany and Finland the PA insurance is compulsory whenever an aircraft is used for schooling.

Private Accident Insurance can be chosen for either the pilot or the all passengers or both parts together.

PA Insurance is highly recommendable for those who often fly with friends and members of the family or for small business aircraft where key employees and managers are transported. Legal minimum passenger liability sums being rather low the PA offers a perfect possibility to secure either the family or the business against financial losses that go along with death or disablement of a person.






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