The special maneuverability

A helicopter differs from other types of aircraft by being extremely maneuverable. The helicopter can take off and land vertically in a limited space, Hover in the air, fly sideways and backwards. The special maneuverability means that the helicopter can be used in great many contexts. But also requires a specific tailored helicopter insurance. Whether you fly with passengers or goods, perform rescue missions, doing a search, flying observation, herding, flying with slung loads, RiskPoint will offer you a customized helicopter insurancen based on your needs.

Exact coverage on your helicopter insurance


Your helicopter insurance must fit exactly to your needs, whether you are a commercial helicopter pilot or private user. At RiskPoint we offer helicopter insurance for most types of type-approved helicopter models, typically up to 8 passengers. Based on your helicopter’s size and function we can offer you exactly the coverage you want from your helicopter insurance. Your helicopter insurance covers use in Scandinavia and elsewhere in Europe.

In order to offer you a tailor-made coverage on your helicopter insurance, we need to know everything about your helicopter – and we need to know what you use it for. Model and size. How long you have flown. What Maximum Take Off Weight is. Whether you fly professionally, with and without passenger’s, hobby, and other important information. Fill out the form with all the details and get a quote within 24 hours.

Your helicopter insurance premium reflects your usage pattern

As the owner of a helicopter, you are responsible for any damage that the helicopter causes to third parties. Responsibility applies to damage to people and property outside of the helicopter – and the passengers and property transported by the helicopter. Therefore, the coverage on your helicopter insurance reflects your usage pattern, for example, if you fly with passengers or goods, winter and summer, etc.

In your helicopter insurance we make sure all your needs are taken into account. If you for example need Ground Risk Only for a period on your helicopter, all you need to do, is tell us what periods the helicopter will be on the ground. This has great influence on your premium.. It is a condition, that your helicopter is registered and approved. If you switch from a company and have earned a No Claims Bonus, Riskpoint will give an extraordinary intro discount on the Hull premium the first year.

In close dialogue with you, we will prepare an individual policy that matches your insurance needs down to the smallest detail. With the right helicopter insurance you can leave everything practical to us and enjoy your next flight.






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