Flight school and Fleet coverage

At RiskPoint we offer flight school and fleet insurance to private individuals and companies. With fleet means more aircraft with the same owner. To be considered as a flight school you must have official approval to train pilots for private certificates or commercial certificates, Private Pilot License (PPL), Commercial Pilot License (CPL), Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL), Light Aircraft Pilot License (LAPL ) or helicopter certificate (H). Fleet insurance and flight school insurance covers virtually all approved aircraft, as gliders, motor gliders, ultralight aircraft, private aircraft, fixed wing engine aircraft, seaplane, helicopter and hot air balloons.

Several aircraft gathered in one single policy

The concept of fleet insurance means that you as aircraft owner hava several aircraft assembled under one single policy. The same applies to flight school insurance; the flight school owns several aircraft for use in training. As the owner of several aircraft you are responsible for any damage that each of your aircraft causes to third parties, including accidental damage. Responsibility applies to injuries/damage to people and property outside the aircraft – and the passengers and property transported with on your flights. Through an in-depth talk with you and based on the usage of your aircraft, we prepare a fleet insurance or a flight school insurance with optimum coverage. At RiskPoint you get exactly the aviation insurance you want, whether you go for the compulsory Liability insurance, or Hull insurance or a combined solution.

In order to offer you a tailored fleet insurance or flight school insurance, we need to know all about the aircraft, the make and model, registration, year, number of passenger seats, etc. We must know the aircraft’s home base and the geographical areas the planes will be used in. Fill out the form and get a quote for fleet insurance or flight school insurance within 24 hours.

Full coverage based on your needs

Based on your needs, we put together a fleet insurance or flight school insurance, where we take all factors into account. If, for example through extended periods your aircraft are on the ground, you can choose to take out a Ground Risk Only together with a Full flight period. This will of course have influence on your premium. We also need to know how many hours your aircraft has flown, damage history and more. The goal is an exact match between you and your insurance coverage.

The condition of obtaining a fleet insurance or flight school insurance is that your aircraft are registered and approved. If you switch to RiskPoint from another insurance company where you have obtained a no claims bonus, RiskPoint will provided an extraordinary intro discount on your hull insurance premium the first year. Your fleet insurance or flight school insurance covers use in Scandinavia and elsewhere in Europe.

In close dialogue with you, we prepare a customized policy that matches your insurance needs down to the smallest detail. With the right fleet insurance or flying school insurance, you can leave all paperwork up to us, and concentrate 100% on your flights.





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