Fixed-wing aircraft insurance

A fixed wing airplane is, as the name indicates, a plane where the wings are permanently attached to the fuselage of the aircraft. A fixed wing aircraft is fitted with an engine and requires a runway for take-off. Under the category of fixed-wing aircraft there are lots of aircraft types and models of different size.

At RiskPoint A/S we offer fixed wing aircraft insurance for all aircraft with a Maximum Take Off Weight of up to 12 tons and up to 30 passengers.

Fixed-wing aircraft have a myriad applications ranging from classic passenger and cargo flights to, sightseeing flights, aerial photography, parachuting, flight training, towing banners, spraying with pesticides, and much more. In order to offer you a tailor-made coverage on your fixed wing aircraft insurance, we need to know everything about your aircraft. We need to know what you use your aircraft for. Whether you fly privately or business/commercial and in which geographical areas you fly.

Your experience as a pilot, the aircraft’s Maximum Take Off Weight, and many other things. Fill out the Proposal form with all your details and get an insurance quote on your fixedwing aircraft within 24 hours.



Individual aircraft insurance targeted your needs

Your fixed-wing aircraft insurance must match exactly to your needs, whether you are a commercial pilot or private user. In addition to the compulsory insurance, RiskPoint A/S offers comprehensive insurance that covers your aircraft from prop spinner to rudder, and an individual customized pilot accident insurance. Your fixed-wing aircraft insurance covers uses in Scandinavia and elsewhere in Europe. Additional World Wide coverage is also available. It is possible to insure fixed wing aircraft on most foreign registers.


As the owner of a fixed wing aircraft, you are responsible for the possible damage that the plane causes to third parties, including accidental damage. The responsibility applies both to personal injuries to third party, and property  outside of the plane. Therefore, your fixed-wing aircraft insurance should match your usage and your individual coverage needs, down to the smallest detail.


Optimal coverage before you take off

Based on your information, we put together a tailor-made fixed-wing aircraft insurance, where we take all factors into account. If you expect a period where you will not be flying, we are able to calculate a “Ground Risk Only” period to reduce the premium. The prerequisite for issuance of a fixed wing aircraft insurance is that your aircraft is registered and approved by the aviation authorities. If you switch to RiskPoint A/S from another insurance company where you are entitled to a “No Claims Bonus” we offer you a special intro discount on your premium the first year.

In close dialogue with you, we prepare a customized policy that matches your special insurance needs as owner and pilot. With your application for a optimal fixed wing insurance, you can leave all the practical work to us – so you can concentrate on your flight and happy landings.

If an aircraft requires a landing strip AND the wings are permanently attached to the fuselage of the plane and do not provide power for thrust it is considered to be a fixed wing airplane. Fixed wing aircraft can range in size from the smallest experimental stunt plane to the largest commercial jet . The one thing all of these planes have in common is a wing and rudder assembly combined with a separate power source such as a jet engine or propeller.

We can offer insurance for fixed wing aircraft up to 12 tons MTOW (Maximum take Off Weight) and 30 passengers. Typical engines are Piston, Turboprop or Jet, single or multi engine.

For small single engine aircraft we cover flying in Europe while bigger multi engine aircraft can be covered even world wide.

The general use of the fixed wing aircraft can be either private or commercial, and we cover a wide range of uses in those categories, such as private and pleasure flights, business, and aerobatics flights for the private and commercial flights including freight, schooling and parachuting to name just a few.

Premiums depend on the MTOW, number of passengers and insured geographical area for the liability insurance and on the use(s) of the aircraft, its value and the pilot’s competence and claim history for the hull.

We can calculate our premiums to match the periods the aircraft is flown and longer ground risk periods so you do not have to pay annual full flight premiums when you ground your aircraft in longer periods, for example at winter time.



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