Air balloon glide silently

Flying hot air balloon can not be compared with any other type of flying. Air balloon glide silently and quietly across the landscape. The proximity to nature and the air space is unique. It’s hard not to be fascinated. Fully understandable that balloons are increasingly used for commercial sightseeing tours, trips and romantic getaways, but also for private purposes.

Balloon flights differs itself by being particularly sensitive to turbulence, thermals and precipitation – and use is often seasonal. Whether you are flying alone or with passengers, you need to have the best balloon insurance.

Hot air balloon insurance with accurate coverage

Your hot air balloon insurance must match your exact needs, whether you are a commercial balloon captain or private user. At RiskPoint we offer hot air balloon insurance for all types of approved hot-air and gas balloons. Regardless of the size, grade and shape, we can offer you exactly the coverage you want for your hot air balloon insurance.

In addition to the compulsory liability insurance, you can choose to hull insure the balloon basket and burner together or separately. It is entirely up to you. We prepare your policy based on your individual requirements. Your hot air balloon Insurance covers use in Scandinavia and elsewhere in Europe.

Tailored insurance for your hot air balloon

In order to offer you a customized insurance cover on your hot air balloon, we need some information on your hot air balloon. We need to know the make and model you fly. Volume, size, hull value. What you flying experience is. What Maximum Take Off Weight is. Whether you fly professionally, with or without passenger’s, private and other important information. Fill out the form and get a quote for your hot air balloon insurance within 24 hours.

As the owner of a hot air balloon, you are responsible for the possible damage the balloon causes to third parties. Responsibility applies to injuries to people and property outside the air balloon – and the passengers and property transported by your air balloon.

In close dialogue with you and based on your usage, we prepare an insurance coverage on your hot air balloon.

Also for Balloons we can offer premiums that cover your individual demands if you ground the balloon for longer periods during the year. And of course liability premiums depend on the MTOW of the balloon and the number of passengers that can be carried, while the hull premium is calculated based on the hull sum, the uses and the pilot’s experience and claim history.





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