Airport Liability and Airfield liability

RiskPoint offers airport liability insurance whether the airport or airfield is public or privately owned. The most common definition of an airport is when the use is for commercial flights. Unattended airfields and private airfields are often categorized as an airfield. The size and the service level is a second parameter, wherein the airfields are generally smaller with both asphalt runway and grass runways. Your airport liability insurance covers any injuries/damage that occurs to persons or property, located on the airport or airfield area.


If the airport or airfield can be held responsible for any injury or accident, your airport /airfield insurance steps in force. Example, if someone slips and falls and breaks a leg because the floor is wet. Airport liability coverage would protect the airport from any ensuing lawsuits. RiskPoint can offer coverage for small international airports and grass runway airfields in Europe with an insurance sum of up to 10.000.000 Euro.

Exact details for optimal coverage

Based on a thorough talk with you on the activities at the airport or airfield, we prepare a customized insurance coverage. At RiskPoint you can get exactly the insurance you need. If you need to assure terminals and other buildings or runways and control towers, it can also be done at RiskPoint. It will typically fall under our Property insurance.

In any case, we are interested in, to get the exact details of what you want to insure. Fill out the form and get a quote for insurance or airport airfield insurance within 24 hours.


RiskPoints hallmark

Your airport or airfield insurance covers airports and airfields located in Scandinavia.

If you have individual needs that go beyond the typical coverage for airport or airfield insurance such as terror attacks, hijacking or natural disasters, we stand ready to take an in-depth talk. RiskPoint insurance can cover your needs and fulfill your desires.

Our high level of service is RiskPoints hallmark – and it is essential that we achieve the best dialogue with you as a customer. Our ambition is to give you the experience of getting the best service with full awareness and understanding of your specific needs and desires. This applies both before, during and after your airport or airfield insurance has been issued – and above all, especially when an accident happens.



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